For your first jump, for your 1000th jump or for a birthday, dare and jump !

After an introduction on the safety rules and the procedure of the jump, let’s go on board, it’s time for the big jump!

You will appreciate this adrenaline rush, the view and you will finally know this feeling of freedom.

Tandem jumps for beginners with an instructor or solo for experienced skydivers, big paragliders, “D-Bag”.


Tandem Skydive – solo
Have a seat in our helicopter with your instructor and let’s dive !
CHF 1’050.00

Tandem Skydive – solo VIP
For a breathtaking VIP experience ! Embark with your instructor and a cameraman to catch this epic moment !
CHF 1’250.00

Tandem Skydive – duo
You’re two friends ! Twice more fun !
CHF 1’390.00


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More information :

You need to be in good physical condition and be able to hold abs for 5-10 seconds. The landing is like a toboggan as you slide across the grass.

85kg max / minimum 1.50m & maximum 1.90m.

Minors must be at least 12 years old and have written authorization from their legal guardians.

Don’t go on an empty stomach – it’s best to eat beforehand.

Duration of the activity: approximately 2h30.

The jumps take place mainly during the week. For weekends, please contact us.

Cancellations subject to weather conditions.

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